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Natural Disaster

Our Story

Founded with a passion for sustainability, Rad Talent is a search firm dedicated to connecting talent with purpose. Our journey began with the vision of contributing actively to building a sustainable future by forming high-performing teams in the cleantech and energy transition sectors.


Mission Statement

We are on a mission to bring together like-minded individuals who are committed to making a positive impact. Our focus is not just on filling roles but on curating teams that drive innovation, foster collaboration, and champion sustainability.

Our Vision

We're committed to a future where sustainability and innovation unite. We envision our curated teams as catalysts for positive change in clean tech, actively contributing to a greener and cleaner world. Join us in shaping purposeful careers and advancing toward a sustainable future, one placement at a time.

Our Founders

Meet the dynamic duo behind Rad Talent: Daniel Uhr and Rodrigo Fernandez. With nearly seven years of combined experience in the recruiting industry, they bring passion, expertise, and a shared commitment to connecting outstanding candidates with exceptional clients.

Daniel, as Co-Founder, is driven by his love for technology and his innate talent for fostering meaningful connections. He takes pride in his role as a professional matchmaker, seamlessly linking candidates and clients in a way that enhances careers and organizations alike. Outside of recruiting, you'll find Daniel pursuing an active lifestyle – whether he's hitting the gym, enjoying quality time with his two canine companions at the park, or soaking up the sun on a lake excursion with friends.

Daniel Uhr
Recruiter, Co-Founder
Rodrigo Fernandez
Recruiter, Co-Founder

Rodrigo, also a Co-Founder, is a seasoned expert in technical recruiting. He shares the same zeal for connecting rad talent with visionary clients, consistently striving for excellence in this ever-evolving field. Outside of work, Rodrigo maintains a strong commitment to a healthy lifestyle, regularly hitting the gym. But he's not all work and no play – you can often spot him at a favorite local Austin hotspot, relishing the company of friends and immersing himself in the city's vibrant atmosphere. And when he seeks moments of tranquility, you'll find Rodrigo at the park, sharing cherished moments with his loyal four-legged companions.


Together, Daniel and Rodrigo are the driving force behind Rad Talent, harnessing their expertise, energy, and dedication to be an incredible talent partner and help you tell your story

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